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Joseph Liouville


Équipe ADA

  • Python computations for general Heun functions GitHub :

    Published in Tolga Birkandan, Pierre-Louis Giscard and Aditya Tamar. 2021. Python computations of general Heun functions from their integral series representations. Conference Days on Diffraction 2021, proceedings to appear (2021)

  • Computing the number of Numerical Monoid of a Given Genus GitHub :

    Published in Jean Fromentin and Florent Hivert. 2016. Exploring the tree of numerical semigroups. Math. Comput. 85, 301 (2016), 2553–2568. DOI

Équipe EMA

  • Solving Large Scale CAREs :

    Extended_BlArnoldi_Riccati is a Matlab package for solving large-scale Continuous and Discrete time matrix Riccati equations with low rank right-hand sides. The software and the manual is available, as well as some additional functions that provide good functionality. It also includes sole problem tests such as models from IMTEX (authors : M. Heyouni and K. Jbilou). Extended_BlArnoldi_Riccati.zip

  • GGK for image restoration :

    Global Golub-Kahan bidiagonalization applied to large discrete ill-posed problems and Gauss-type quadrature rules to restore a blurred and noisy image. "Global_Golub_Kahan_Image_Restoration" is a Matlab package for image restoration (Authors M. ElGuide and K. Jbilou) Global_Golub_Kahan_Image_Restoration.zip

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Stochastic Geometry Days  du 15 au 19 novembre.